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3 things you experience on a spiritual journey

Yo! Do y’all ever think to yourself, and/or about your spiritual journey and wonder, “Am I really on the right track”? Well, this is a question that i’m sure most of us have asked ourselves at some point or another. By nature, us Humans are very curious creatures, and with that curiosity, comes the desire for a confirmation, or simply an answer. these next 3 “signs” are what you can look for, to be a bit more sure of things and yourself in the grand scheme of things.



Ah, good ol’ synchronicities. Have you ever had a time where you were with a friend or two, and as you guys are discussing something spiritual, one of you goes and says, “Man, I bet that we are ALL connected in some sort of deep, intricate way”, and right after one of you say that, that street light next to you guys suddenly turns on? That was no coincidence, that was a synchronicity. Synchronicities, from our experience, are “meaningful coincidences” that occur very shortly or instantaneously after something is done, said, or acted out upon. These meaningful coincidences aresmall events that can be reassurance that you’re onto something!




No, not the bibbidi bobbidi shit you see in the Disney movies. I mean MAGIC. Things will happen to you or around you that will most likely have you thinking, “How in the actual fuck”?? These things can vary from seeing something that should very clearly and obviously not be in a particular place/setting/enviroment,etc. You could have been hella blazing and then ask, “Where’s the lighter?”, only for that shit to suddenly be in your jacket pocket you never, ever use, only for you to get up to ANOTHER damned lighter falling out of the wrinkles of your shirt UNDER your jacket.



Triggered Events

Say you JUST started your spiritual awakening, and all of a sudden, within the first week, you meet a witch, learn magick is real, sense your first spiritual entity, and learn that there is so much more to reality than you previously thought. These are all Triggered Events. events such as these are events that are thrown in your journey, to help change your perspective, or to give you a higher perspective. These ‘bigger than life’ events are the sole events that totally and can very well change your world view, your understanding, or even further your curiosity for…well, consciousness!!



Although these descriptions are brief, these are some of the most common things that individuals experience on their spiritual awakening/spiritual journey. These things vary from person to person, however, these 3 encounters are things that are most commonly shared experiences between individuals. Have you ever had one, two, or even all 3 of the things mentioned above happen to you? Do you have an expirience that is seperate or different from these all together? Let us know in the comments below, fam! On that note, take care, and I hope all of you have a very awesome rest of your week. Peace!

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