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4 great Ways to “Ground” yourself

As we go through life doing our thing, sometimes things start to hit the fan and it could very well seem that life is crashing down on you suddenly. Don’t fret, however! The next 4 things I’m about to talk about will help dramatically with the stresses that life occasionally throws at us. You can add in your own techniques and incorporate them into these, or even develop your own grounding techniques. These 4 are the ones that just happen to be the ones I use myself for grounding.

#4. Walks in general

Sometimes, it takes having to slow down, and taking things…easier. Your heart and/or mind could be racing from what you’ve been experiencing in the past day, week, month, moment, you name it. walking is a great way to “ground” yourself. You are able to bring yourself back mentally, you get fresh air, you definitely get exercise, and you can even shake off feelings of anxiety or depression! For me, walks are my first go-to in the case or event i’m stressed or needing to freshen up. I take my time to absorb myself in the surrounding nature and after 30 or so minutes, I feel refreshed and ready to jump back into anything! The rest of my day goes smooth, I am in a calmer state of mind, and I feel as if I can accomplish any task or challenge thrown my way. I can’t stress walking enough.


#3. A warm shower

This is something we all already do without putting too much thought into. Other than being a means to clean and refreshen ourselves, Baths/Showers can help us mentally clean ourselves as well. Showers can be seen as a form of meditation, for example. While you’re showering, you can visualize the water that’s beating down on your dome is washing away any stresses, negative thoughts, feelings,  all of which at the end leaves you with a feeling of renewal. You can also get to the bottom of alot of your own habits or thought forms  by “talking” with yourself or higher self while showering. At the end of your shower, you will understand alot more about yourself than you did before you took that shower. Awesome.


#2. Stretching

Stretching is boss. Stretching is free. Stretching is convenient. Stretching is something we all do, but we do not consider how it can help soothe our minds. When you stretch, you strengthen your tendons, loosen your muscles, and you become more flexible of course. Mentally because of the increased bloodflow throughout the body, You can have a clearer head along with the added perk of a new perspective on what was stressing you out prior to the stretching. The reason I placed stretching as Number 2 is because of how conveniency factor. You can do it anywhere at any time! You also generally don’t have major rules or guidelines to follow, so you can be as creative as you can be with your stretching techniques. Experiment with different stretches and once you find the few that really work and click with you, you’re golden.


#1. Bringing awareness

This has earned it’s spot here, simply because for us to feel that we need to ground ourselves, We have forgotten or “lost” our awareness to our surroundings for the time being. this right here can also be done before the other 3 entries, which when completed, can make the others easier and more effective. The first thing you want to do is to look around yourself. Look for 5 things that you can physically see. These things can be anything from a chair to a tree, to a car to a cat to a speaker. anything that you can see with your own 2 physical eyes. The next step is to find 4 things you can Touch. Clothing, a book, yourself (LOL),  T.V. remote, just 4 things you can feel for. After that, Listen for 3 different sounds. Birds chirping, The neighbors getting their love on, the trees rustling in the wind. After that try to sniff out 2 different smells. Your farts or your air freshener will do. Lastly, try to find one thing you can taste. FOOD. After you have done these steps, you should not only feel in control again, but you will be more so at peace, and you can even share what you did with another friend or person in need of grounding.



These 4 activities are what I personally do to help ground myself when life seems to be going crazy or I just can’t handle myself at the moment. I feel that for myself that these 4 activities always can do the trick to bring me back down to reality. I hope that these 4 things can help all of you as well. If these things did help, please share them with other’s in need of help. People who suffer from depression or Anxiety I’ve noticed benefit from these things ALOT, but that’s not to say you wouldn’t yourself if you don’t have either or. Enjoy your grounding!

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