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Our Approach

We noticed through observation that most spiritual figures are a bit too formal with explaining Spirituality, The Metaphysical, the Occult, Esoteric teachings, etc . We feel that anything can be taught or explained, with a tinge of humor. In fact, we feel that humor is one of the best tools available for a being! Our approach is that by reaching out, spreading the love, and sharing knowledge and stories, we can provide a place of comfort and reprieve for fellow knowledge seekers. We know how it can be, being a bit different from the rest of everyone. Perhaps your world views and higher perspectives may be a bit too much for most people to handle. Maybe you are curious as to what may be truly going on in our world.  Whatever your reason may be, just know, you are not alone! We launched this site,  to provide relief, for we understand that this can be a very stressful transition. Who knows what awaits us, on this very mystical, interesting, and beautiful experience? Let’s find out!

Our Story

On July 4, not too long ago, we gained our independence. Well, it was more like having our delicate little comfort zones stripped from us, thrown, stomped, ripped, and gobbled up by this whole new side of reality that was a scary as it was beautiful. We were initiated without warning, “Starseeds” suddenly jarred awake. We so far have seen the divine, the demons, and things in between. We noticed quickly that alot of information out there on spirituality is either bullshit or boring. We also noticed how hard it was to connect with other open minded individuals and the loneliness it entails. We’re here to let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We got you.

Meet the Team 


DeAndre Knighten

The Soul Brothah


Cameron Gordon

The Native Soul

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