Mind Over Matter: Overcoming Limitation

Our beliefs, thought processes, perspectives and mindsets can influence our physical reality. From the friends we hang around to the T.V. shows we watch, we are constantly manifesting the reality of which we subjectively experience. It is very important to be self-aware to be able to connect with your higher self, for then you can see past the illusion of limitation. Here are some ways of overcoming limitations- on a mental and physical scale.


#1) Follow up thoughts & ideas with action

Do you or have you ever had a cool idea for something, but feel that there is something stopping you from seeing that idea all the way through? It could be that you are setting a limitation on yourself. This is one of the biggest traps we all have fallen in at some point in time. As time goes on, that idea collects more and more dust, until it is either forgotten, or it’s pushed to the back of your mind.to prevent this, you must take action as soon as you have that idea pop into your head. The best way to do this is to invest some time  (a day or two at the very least) into researching  whatever it may be that your idea is. Research is excellent because once the time comes to bring that idea to life, you aren’t jumping in feeling lost, confused, and impatient.  If a challenge comes up, it can be seen as a growing experience and less so of a setback.


#2) Be able to change your mindset

If not the most useful skill to learn, being able to change your mindset is one of the best skills to learn. This skill follows you wherever you go, and it can be used in ANY situation, circumstance, or scenario! Being able to change your mindset is a skill that comes down to a few things. Having an open mind, patience, understanding, and empathy all come together to create an entirely new mindset-one that is completely adaptable. With your ability to change your mindset, success is understood completely, judgement is non-existent, and most of all you bring so much value to the lives of everyone you come in contact with. Your skill is absolutely life changing to say the very least.  Imagine what you are truly capable of! don’t limit yourself because of your core beliefs or perspectives. adapt them all for an unparalleled perception of reality!


#3) Don’t victimize yourself

I was stuck in this stage basically all of my life. For all of my problems or issues, I’d blame the circumstance, scenario, location, other person-I’d blame anything and everything but myself. I did not stop for a second and think, “Why do I whine and complain about everything”? “Why do I blame everyone for everything that goes wrong”? I continued to live my life peachy keen until I started a business with my best friend. There were lots of dead ends and challenges, and as I did in the past I shut down and blamed him, the business, and my circumstances for why nothing was going anywhere. It was then that I had a sudden realization. It all had come to me at once! I had realized that the reason everything seemed chaotic was because of ME. I didn’t take responsibility for myself. I had been blaming everyone but myself for my unhappiness and my frustration. I had two choices- I could either sit here and continue to bitch, whine and pout while not ever progressing  or growing, or I could bite the bullet, stop getting into my emotions, and step up to the plate and take full responsibility for my actions, thoughts, and reactions. The moral of the story is this: Don’t victimize yourself. You aren’t hurting anyone but yourself, and you make progression and growth ten times harder for yourself. Rather, look at life and the challenges that follow as opportunities of development and growth. Ya don’t need to put a cap on yo’ dome, you know what i’m sayin’?


#4) Flow…but know where to direct it

Life flows. Life is similar to a stream that leads down to a mountain’s basin. Life is also however, not meant to be sat on without making some risks, changes, nor putting in mad effort and hard work. The stream will always be flowing forward, dont’ you worry. Now whether you want to flow into rocks, debris, or off the waterfall is completely up to you. While you cannot flow in reverse, you can direct the direction in which you flow forwards. As you redirect your current, you will also come across resistance, obstacle, sharp ass rocks, and a big, mad mamma bear ready to murk your shit. Don’t let these things phase you, as you can drift around the bear, and you can power through the debris and rocks on the sediment. Remember the end goal. It does not matter what comes up or pops up, since they’re in that same flow as you. The flow is continuous, just be sure to steer left or right when needed!


#5) Perseverance

Perseverance will always prevail. No matter the task, challenge, obstacle, if you persevere, You will, oh hold up my bad. YOU WILL ACHIEVE WHATEVER IT IS YOU SET YOUR MIND TO! Now, to  persevere also means you must understand patience. You must have patience for that drive, for that passion. Nothing great happens overnight, But if you persevere through those cold, long nights, before you know it (sometimes even realize), you will look up, back, then forward again and say to yourself, “Damn. I remember planning and working towards all of this….worked so hard that I forgot that growth and challenge was going to be hard”! Nothing feels greater than seeing all those long days of research, hard work, determination, effort, passion, patience and perseverance right in front of you. Congratulations!!!



Now, there are obviously many, many more ways that you can lift the veils of limitations, but these are the five ways that I can directly relate to everyone. Trial and Error should be expected-greatness develops and is not instantly manifested. Don’t fret if others seem “ahead” of you. Remember, we all grow and develop at different paces. We all have our shot at life, and it’s solely up to each and every one of us to reach our fullest potential- and a great start is lifting barriers and limitations that society and ourselves set on…. well, ourselves! Keep going, you’ve got this.




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