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How to Manage Stress At Work as a Millenial

Mondays, oh Mondays. That one day at the start of the week that has you feeling like crap, a bit hopeless, and pessimistic. You wake up at 6am, to a screeching alarm. You take your morning piss, wash up, dress and dip out of your home. You drive to work in a commute that should take 15 minutes but takes an hour due to traffic.


Yeeah. I’d rather wash the whip.

You sit here, through this schedule you are oh so very accustomed to, and you hate it. You dread hearing Susie over here going on and on about how much she just loves the weekend but it’s not long enough. You despise the “small talk” that goes on at the job site. You question the rules and policies that are in place. You’re tire of doing all the work while your superiors take the credit like a forger charging more than the original for his non-authentic piece of shit . You then question yourself: “Is this job really worth this amount of stress and effort?” “Will I ever make it out of this dead end?” “Does that thick ass white girl wanna smash?” Ohh shit no… thats just Olgah from the head office.

“How Do I Stay Positive ?”

Well, for starters, you can change your perspective on your job. Rather than sulk in your pit of depression, you can look at the good that comes from work. Beyond the typical job skill you learn how to building your social network,  how to build patience, how to observe your co-workers and learn things from them that could improve interactions in your own life. For example, I work in a mailroom for a bank. While on the job, I get to see all of the other departments and how they run. As I do my duties, I pay attention to the small interactions that go on, and I incorporate what I learn into my own interactions with family, friends, and strangers. It helps build my confidence, and makes me more socially adept.

Strategic procrastination

“It’s not working…. Can i go home?”

You guys are gonna love this one. It’s where I take my sweet ass time doing normal duties, then when questioned, I simply ‘push the blame’ on the task that was at hand. For example, If I’m questioned about my time, my excuse will be, “I was waiting on some mail, It appears to be a special hand delivery for the SVP of the PCS department”. I then provide ‘proof’ by using an older inner-department envelope and put the mail in there, to seem as if I am keeping up with the flow. *I only recommend the tactic previously stated if you work at a slow-paced job. The faster the pace doesn’t always mean more leniency on your end*.

Work state mindset


If you do work in a faster paced environment i recommend “Full Absoprtion.” Totally opposite from the last tip (Can you tell there are multiple writers?) Basically, you focus all of your attention on the task at hand.

It seems counter-intuitive but your mind can only focus on one thing at a time. So if you pay closer attention to detail and keep yourself busy, you wont have reason or time to be bored. The time goes by faster, you do a better job, and you’ll have better head space to entertain yourself WITH your work. You can go from little Johnny pissed about never getting a promotion and hates his work, To motivated Johnny thats passionate about work and is rank to be CEO vice kiss ass. Just kidding. But it will increase your productivity and happiness.

In the future, most likely on the Forums, I will have more tactics for work survival up. Due to my already limited time and use of a computer or my phone, I gotta plan that shit smart and lowkey around the work schedule, so for now, hopefully this Blog entry was at the very least, entertaining. On that note, peace out! Don’t let the job steal your happiness! Grind it out, work towards YOUR passion, and thrive!

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