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What is your perspective on God?

Throughout time, humans have conceptualized and have tried to fathom “God” or a Creator. Great philosophers and everyman alike have all come up with thoughts, ideas, and perspectives to try to explain what or who God is. We all have different views, beliefs, and perspectives on God, but landing on this website, i’m sure YOU personally don’t fit into the standard religious mold. Also— judging by your interest in spirituality and the occult— you’ve contacted, seen, felt, or experienced something you could only credit a higher power or God! What are your thoughts and feelings on God? Do you believe in a higher power? Do you believe science and natural law is the ultimate truth? Do you think any notion of a bearded man in the sky passing judgement is bullshit? Speak your mind!  Leave a comment below or feel free to register for an account and head to the forums. We’re all about helping you connect and grow.

3 thoughts on “What is your perspective on God?

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    WIll make a forum topic later. We just honestly wanted to get this up with some content. You can register and create one yourself…. its free 😉

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      I can clearly see that whether God exists or not depends entirely on what we BELIEVE. Both ways are equally valid, although the bearded guy on a cross story is sorely lacking in supporting facts if you ask me. There are at least two or three concepts of God that I could be inclined to believe. ….I can also see several ways the universe could have come forth from NOTHING, with no need for a CREATOR GOD. Here again, some seem much more plausible than others.

      It has been revealed to me during meditation, that there is no reason that two or more of these processes could actually be involved, and that it is probably more PLAUSIBLE than any single theory being the sole truth.

      I ran across a couple really interesting videos about the subject of INFINITY, which I think speak of the true nature of this matter. Consider that in a truly infinite universe, anything that is possible, no matter how unlikely, is a CERTAINTY. What’s even more interesting to me, is that ONLY WHEN THERE IS NOTHING, ARE ALL THINGS EVEN POSSIBLE. …..This first video is short, but I think it allows us to see how two seemingly opposite concepts can both be TRUE.

      The second is quite lengthy, but involves some of the top people in their respective fields, discussing the subject of infinity, from their respective fields of expertise. Be aware, it’s boring at the beginning, but it gets much better toward the end, when they wrap it all up.

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